Mobile devices consist of portable computing devices that take advantage of wireless networks to gain access to resources.

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Cross-Platform Remote Support

Dowagiac It3 is Computer Repair/Services located in Dowagaic Michigan the Southwest corner

Certified for All Windows

We have Microsoft certified technicians on site. Certified on all Microsoft operating systems, HP computers & printers. Owner Brian Antisdel : “I am HP certified, sa2356 , IBM hardware professional, DELL certified, and Brother certified, A+, Net+ CAN” We are offering a full line of Computer sales and accessories through our affiliate partner, which will also include gaming machines, hard ware/software, televisions, printers, cameras, stereo systems, speakers and more!

DIT3 will provide quality computer and technical consulting to small business as well as residential in doing so the company will focus on competitive pricing, responsiveness, quality, creating and retaining customer relations. We come with18 years of experience from operating a small in home computer repair shop, contractual networking, computing, repair, internet, & social media. Business and residential service/maintenance contracts and remote access services.

Whatever your PC/Laptop or technical issue may be Dowagiac IT3 has the experience and highly qualified staff to do your job. Below is just a small sample of what we can help you with. We have very affordable pricing and fast turnaround time we know how important it is for our customers to have their systems and devices back in working order ASAP! Dowagiac IT3 really is a people business first we take pride in helping others in many different ways.

  • Start up & Boot Problems
  • Blue Screens & Errors
  • Computer Freezing Up
  • Windows Updates
  • Reinstalling Windows
  • Upgrading to Windows 7
  • Network Setup / Support
  • WiFi Setup / Support
  • Office, Word, and Excel Help
  • Email Setup & Problems

General Information
  • Basic data recovery
  • Laptop service
  • Installing hardware/software
  • Remote access services
  • Virus Removal
  • Mal ware/ad ware Removal
  • Problems with Pop-ups
  • Firewall Setup
  • Internet Connections & Setup
  • Internet Browsers/Emails
  • Printer Support
  • Setup social media
  • Install surveillance equipment
  • Background checks
  • New & refurbished computers & devices

Lowest Total Cost

Computer application software can be installed by users without any assistance most of the time , but there is that time when you need to call your tech….If you’re planning on upgrading to Microsoft Windows 8 from Windows 7 for example, computer upgrades can get complicated. Some computer hardware that did work on Windows 7 or XP will NOT work smoothly on Windows 7 or 8.

Some computer software that worked on Windows XP may require tweaking to work on Windows 7 or may NOT even work at all. Business computers are especially relevant in this case. When a computer holds a lot of business data and something goes wrong installing some specific software, there is the off-chance that the data that business relies may become unusable. It could be that the software does not install correctly or completely, or it may be that there is some incompatibility with other software on the machine. Call a friend Dowagiac IT3 we got your fix.

Dowagiac IT3 Is Much More Than “Computer Repair”

So why IS your computer slow? Or maybe not even starting up? Let’s face it – computers today often play a huge part in our daily lives. From checking on business emails after hours (and sometimes throughout the day) placing high priority orders, to keeping up with all of your Facebook friends. Finding products, companies and services It’s all a problem when your computer goes down usually a BIG one.

Virus Removal Services

    Your Symptoms
  • your computer has been running slower than usual
  • Your computer may start to hang badly when you browse the internet. Viruses can tie up your network with their OWN activity – they really don’t care about your browsing habits!
  • Search results pages can be set to something that you’ve never heard of instead of your faithful Google or Yahoo search results page.
  • You can’t hit sites like Symantec, Microsoft or McAfee. Viruses frequently block you from accessing places where you MIGHT be able to get rid of them – including most antivirus company websites.
  • Control Panel is unavailable or locked out to you. God forbid you be able to SEE what the virus has done to your settings – so you get blocked out of that.
  • Internet Settings are unavailable. Usually this is due to the internet settings being modified to use the new proxy server that is running on your computer to route all web requests through the virus. Your DNS settings may have been changed as well to track your web requests.
  • Odd messages about certain programs being “unavailable”.
  • Programs not launching. They may launch but then immediately disappear.

Viruses will stop you from running pretty much anything on your computer until they are removed. If you have this type of computer virus, you WILL know it.

Frequently, the popups will be porn (which remains the biggest seller by far on the internet – so they’re only pandering by numbers), and it can be REAL embarrassing to have to deal with that. Honestly, having porn popups on your computer does NOT mean you have actually ever visited a porn site. It IS more likely, but still anyone can get these popups.

We are currently seeing a number of fake antivirus programs or similar fake antispyware programs masquerading as legitimate software. No matter what the popup is hawking – clicking on it will only make the computer virus problem worse. Computer virus repair will definitely be in your future.

Just a Call Away

Data Recovery Basic to Advanced

Computer hard drive, flash drives other digital storage devices can be recovered! Bear in mind that ALL data WON’T be recoverable under all circumstances, but a quick call for computer data recovery might be all you need to get you back on track again!

Home Computer Data Recovery

The home computer is used for storing most if not all the family pictures and videos. There is nothing worse than losing all your pictures or other documents due to a computer failure. Sadly, sometimes things go wrong. Financial records, home business, family genealogies saved emails, general documents – a hard drive failure or scrambled hard drive is NOT a great start to the day. In these cases, your files can normally be recovered.

Computer Setup

If you just got a new computer and need your data moved – and to get rid of all those silly programs that came preloaded, you need to call Dowagiac IT3 for fast computer setup! From transferring all your settings, email and more to getting you a good FREE antivirus solution in place, we’re there for you.

    Computer Setup service includes:
  • Unpack and connect all components properly
  • Remove trial software
  • Install antivirus software and antispyware software (no cost to home users)
  • Installation and configuration of up to 3 user-provided software packages
  • Standard plug-ins (Adobe Acrobat reader, Adobe Flash, Java)
  • Install all current Windows updates
  • Transfer previous data if applicable
  • Setup and test network connectivity if available
  • General post install cleanup
  • Setup and test email based on user information

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